30e anniversaire LCLD cabinet comptable



Édifice LCLD


Beyond numbers since 1993

LCLD Leclair Du-Perré inc.  is an accounting firm that offers the following services : bookkeeping, payroll, financial statements, income taxes, training and representations to the government.

Sanitary measures

To serve you safely, we have put in place sanitary measures. More information


To liberate you from the heaviness of the governments obligations in order for you to focus on your strengths. Our team is committed to being at the forefront of developments in our field so that you and your company can benefit. Our extensive experience and reputation are guarantors of a professional, courteous and confidential service. LCLD, a proud ally of your success.

Postal box service for your business

Are you out of town for a long period of time or you need a postal box for your business that does not require regular visits to the mail box? Do not look any further.

Possibility of re-routing your mail by email.

$200 / 3 months
$350 / 6 months
$400 / yearly

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