Did you know that at LCLD our members are well known to work as a team, such that they:

  • are versatile and can deal with various topics within the same mandate?
  • are continually being trained?
  • work on your mandate without interruption? Your file will never linger on a desk since upon its opening, it will be handled immediately by a consultant and taken over by another, without interruption until completion.
  • offer a personalized service and establish a true dialogue?
  • will take your call?
  • will offer you a free initial consultation?

Team Members

Mélanie Du-Perré-Hakim CPA, CGA, Yan Godin CPA, CGA, Edith Villeneuve, CPA, CA, Jessica Du-Perré, Sarah Du-Perré, Monica Anne Susin, Sodaba Shakeri, Isabelle Gagné, Marie-Pier Hotte-Lépine, Nathalie Beaudoin.

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