Individual tax returns

Individual tax returns

To serve you better, we have implemented the Client Portal, a secure client access that allows us to exchange confidential information in a secure manner
If you have not yet registered for the portal, please let us know to receive your login invitation.

We will deposit the complete copy of your tax return, your summary as well as the letter detailing your results on your portal. We will also file your spouse’s tax return as well as those of your dependent children on your family portal.

You can access your portal at any time from the Client access

Submitting your documents on the portal or in our secure external box.

Send us your tax documents via the portal (Client access) as of March 7th 2022.

If your file is large, you do not need to scan each of your slips, bring us your paper documents.

In order to facilitate the management of your file, we ask you to create a folder per family member under DROP DOCUMENTS HERE and deposit your documents in a single upload.

TIP: Gather all the files to be sent to us in one folder per person on your computer, then upload each folder to your portal. See the Upload document for complete instructions.

When all of your documents have been submitted to your portal, please inform us by email (info@leclairduperre.com) that your file is ready to be processed and provide us with a summary of the tax documents uploaded. Also please take the opportunity to tell us about important changes to your family situation if applicable.

Make sure you provide us with all the necessary documents to avoid additional delays by using our downloadable checklist.

Has your situation changed? It is essential to let us know in order to avoid errors in the preparation of your tax returns.

The checklist will help you decide the important changes that we need to know:

  • Address change
  • Marital status change
  • New baby
  • Child in post-secondary studies
  • Change in your medical insurance program (coverage dates)
  • First-time home buyer
  • Sale of your principal residence

Thank you for counting on us! It is our pleasure to have been counting for you since 1993.

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